We Scale Human-First Financial Products

By Investing and Helping Push in Launch Stage

The Evolution of Finance


2000BC – 2010

We Are The Bank

We have all the money and power. You need us.

Wells Fargo


2011 – 2020

We Are NOT The Bank

We’re Fintech! We have an app, no fees and pretty cards! 

(But we’re still owned by the big banks and act mostly the same)



Humans Are The Bank

Unless you are benefiting EVERYONE involved (not just shareholders and VCs)… you will be left behind.

Human-first financial companies can do and offer things traditional ones can’t compete with.

Growing value for all involved is the most perfect pinnacle of capitalism.



That’s what we’re here to build.


Bootstrapped Fintech → Largest PPP Lender$14B+ Loans to 85% Minority Borrowers

We teamed up with an unknown fintech to push them to be the #1 lender in the PPP program – passing out more than $14 billion to over 800,000 small businesses. We built the entire front-end sales and marketing platform, spent $1m+/day in paid media, and hired on 300+ full time support agents to help simplify the process of getting a PPP loan.

World’s First Credit Card Collectivew/ Alternative Credit Decision Engine (Non-FICO)

We invested in and help lead one of the fastest growing credit cards in history. It revolutionizes the customer acquisition and rewards model by distributing most profits back to the community every month. It’s non-FICO based application gives more equitable access to credit, while teaching financial literacy and incentivizing better financial habits and credit use along the way.

Democratizing High-Yield Alternative Private Investments Usually Reserved for the Ultra Rich

We helped the AltDirect team launch and scale everyday investor’s access to institutional-quality private investments with low fees (through better technology and less overhead). These investments in private credit, speciality finance, and real estate offer much higher yields, with lower volatility and market correlation than the normal markets. 

Bleeding-Edge Payments Software Marrying Wallet and Terminal in a Consumer Mobile Device

We partnered with industry veterans to help bring the Pace Gateway to market. This revolutionary technology utilizes the newest MPoC standard to bring card-present rate payment processing to consumer mobile devices – reducing fees 80bps per transaction, while eliminating 99.9% of chargebacks and fraud. 

Why We're Different

Scaled Acquisition + Optimized Operations

While we do have full-stack capabilities in-house (intellectual property, tech architecture, finance, etc), our unique abilities lie in two areas: 

  1. Scaled Customer Acquisition – $1M/day spend on paid media (online and offline) 
  2. Optimized Operations – quickly iterating and optimizing the people and tech systems required to sustain rapid growth. 

Jackhammer vs Hammer

Hammers (like most VCs) are versatile and a commodity. They can do lots of things alright, but nothing special. Jackhammers aren’t used often, but when you have a very specific job (eg concrete to break up), you don’t want to use any other tool. That’s what we strive to be. 

Flexible, In-House Capital

All of our capital is in-house, so we don’t have dozens of LPs to keep happy, or to pass on performance pressure from. This allows us to better relate to and made decisions like owners – because that’s exactly what we are. 

Pile Movers

We only partner with a small handful of companies at a time, so we can focus our maximum attention and effort into making those succeed. Any project we partner with, we expect to put a full shoulder behind it and move the pile right along with the team.

Partnership Criteria

Financial, Payments and Banking Industries

We exclusively focus in the financial industries. Whether that be financing, investing, payment processing, or banking – we can bring connections to both B2B and B2C. 

High Scale Potential

We’re mainly interested in high-scale, large market potential that can be reached with large scale paid media or an optimized outbound sales process. Only big swings. 

Launch Stage

We work with teams who already have a product market-validated and (mostly) built-out, and need help going to market. We then help pour gas on the fire, or bring in connections that can rapidly scale. 

Key Drivers in Place

We only work with built-out teams, with the key-drivers in place to lead the company. A few holes in the roster are alright, and we can even help fill them. But we’re here to pour gas on the fire – not start one. 

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